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Tyler Shewbert’s Holistic Habits: Stretching

Stretching: I will stretch a minimum of five minutes each day.

This is the minimum recommended time that you should stretch every day. Stretching is an essential activity that helps maintain the flexibility of the body. It helps keep muscles strong and healthy and helps maintain the joints. Stretching daily is especially important, particularly because many people’s jobs have them sitting or standing in the same positions for hours a day. This is detrimental to your health. There are many ways to integrate stretching into your life. Consulting a physical therapist or physical trainer is particularly helpful. They are trained to perform tests on a person’s range of motion and suggest activities that will improve and correct flaws. Once a good stretching routine is developed, there are apps available that can provide an easy way to stay on track.

Yoga is advantageous to the development of a flexible body. It is highly recommended to either go practice yoga in person, for an instructor will be able to provide you with feedback that you will not be able to get at home watching videos on the internet. However, if there is limited access to instruction is due to location or cost, then watching and learning from the videos is highly recommended. Routinely developing a practice of yoga will help you increase flexibility and will also help you to develop new manners of stretching that are useful.

There are many resources available to develop a stretching routine and integrate it into your life. This is something that can be integrated into most people’s lives regardless of age, of course, under the direction of your physician. There are benefits to developing this habit young in life. While it may seem boring when you are a kid in physical education class being forced to stretch before playing something fun, it is a great habit to maintain throughout life.

I played sports throughout my youth and we always stretched before games and practice. After a hiatus from exercise in my early twenties, I started to weight lift again in my mid-twenties. I did not really stretch during that time. It was something that I did not like to do, and I left it out of my exercise routine for many years. Finally, after almost eight years of exercising like this, and sometimes hurting myself, I was having a conversation with a friend who was into yoga and recommended that I integrate either yoga or at least stretching into my workout routine again. I heeded their advice and began to stretch for a minimum of ten minutes as part of every workout. In the past year, I have made sure that I do a minimum of five minutes every day, even on the days when I am exhausted and do not feel like exercising.

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