Why am I studying all of the subjects that I study?

  1. To be peaceful
  2. To be resilient
  3. To help myself
  4. To help my family
  5. To help society
  6. To prove something to those who have doubted me

All of these reasons are an interconnected web, and not a hierarchy in my day to day affairs. Some days I am looking for inner peace. Some days I need to be resilient through a difficult situation. Some days I need to make progress for my family and myself. Some days I am altruistic and want to improve myself to benefit society. Some days I am resentful and I want to prove something to society. However, the baseline of consistent studying of many subjects satisfies all of those reasons.

The baseline is that I am learning and studying so that I can be a producer and contributor to society. I study so that I can increase my maximum effectiveness in my affairs. My strength has always been my intellectual prowess, even though for many years I shunned it. I must work to continually expand it, and never waste it again.

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